Top five constipation remedies

Top Five Constipation Remedies

Constipation Remedies

Some of the main causes of constipation are amongst, poor diet, lack of physical activity, and insufficient water intake. What makes being constipated even worse if that it can easily lead to hemorrhoids. The following are some constipation remedies which can help keep constipation at bay.

Don’t Be Stagnant

First of all if you want your food to move around in your body, and pass through like it should, you will need to do a bit of moving around of your own. While our lifestyles sometimes requires us to sit in one place sometimes for hours on end, it is important to keep the blood flowing and the food we eat moving by taking a quick stroll around the office or your home.

Constipation remedies Fibre, Fibre and more Fibre!

There’s a lot of talk about eating healthy these days. It’s all true, since a healthy diet is just what you need to live a healthy and active life. But, including fiber in your diet can also provide you with some extra benefits such as preventing constipation. Foods which are rich in fiber such as grains, fruits and vegetables are all great when it comes to preventing constipation, which almost always leads towards hemorrhoids. Fiber rich foods act by drawing in water from its surrounding area, making the foods itself swell, that in turn, softens the foods and makes it easier to pass. But, it is also important to note that along with a fiber rich diet you will also need to increase your intake of water to the minimum 8 glasses of water a day or it might have the complete opposite effect and lead towards constipation.

Work Out a Routine

The quicker you realize that potty schedules are not just for Sir-Barks-A lot your golden retriever, the better it will be for you. By far, one of the best ways in which you can easily prevent being constipated is to establish a routine.

When Nature Calls….Answer

To keep those uncomfortable bouts of constipation the straightforward way to go about it is to just go to the bathroom when you need to go to the bathroom. How many people get constipated the second time around simply because they were too “busy” to heed nature’s call the first time? So, delaying the duty will only lead to constipation and most probably hemorrhoids.

Yogurt is Good for You!

Nothing keeps the digestive system working like is should like some good old gut flora. So, the next time you’re thinking of a snack, why not have some yogurt instead.

So, these were just some of the constipation remedies you can try out at home. When all else fails, you can always use medication such as, Ayulax a Health Canada Licensed natural laxative.