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Providing Quality Products Our Commitment to Quality Assurance

At Dynaved, we work with other industry leaders to offer quality products. In addition, we strive to move the entire natural health food industry in a positive direction. Because we are committed to creating safe products that work, we have partnered with multiple independent organizations and international governing bodies.

Especially relevant are some of the many agencies working together to make sure quality products are provided to the consumer:

Health Canada

Health Canada Logo

Dynaved has worked hard to get our products licensed and approved by this organization.

Health Canada helps Canadians enjoy a better quality of life. They focus on the health and wellness of all people while creating and enforcing policies that ensure openness and protect consumers. They also carefully watch Natural Health Products. The department looks at product ingredients as well as manufacturing processes. First of all, Health Canada must approve products before they can be sold in Canada. Finally, once the product is on the market, the agency monitors product compliance with regulations continuously. All of our products are Health Canada Licensed!

Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA)


CHFA is a group helping the health food industry. They work with manufacturers, retailers, distributors and wholesalers to provide the best in natural and organic food products and supplements. Dynaved is a proud member of CHFA. We work with them to further their mission. Also, continuing to improve standards for quality in the natural food industry.

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

GMP Logo

GMP is a system that governs the manufacturing process to help ensure quality products. To receive this endorsement, companies must:

Start with the highest quality materials and ingredients.

Maintain immaculate facilities and equipment.

Ensure proper hygiene training and procedure among staff.

Outline and implement a detailed system of procedures.

Dynaved works to meet GMP standards and works to have the proper training at all levels.

World Health Organization (WHO)

W.H.O GMP Logo

The World Health Organization (WHO) has recognized Dynaved products for its efforts to meet their high standards for good manufacturing practices.

WHO is the health branch of the United Nations. It is a global body that works to improve health services for people around the world. They are the top experts on quality control and GMP standards.

ISO International Standards

ISO Food Safety Logo

The ISO international food standards made a series of rules. These guidelines work to ensure quality even as products cross borders. The goal is to help the entire world establish and follow the same set of standards. Due to their criteria, consumers can expect a certain level of excellence no matter where they buy their products.

Also, as part of our promise of high quality products, Dynaved follows all ISO standards.

Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Dynaved products are manufactured in an FDA approved facility. The FDA is another government organization. It oversees the safety of food and drug products. In addition to collecting data on products, the FDA is also in charge of inspections.