Our Laboratory

Dynaved Offers High Quality Natural Health Products

Quality Control At DynavedThis process starts with using only the best herbs, because Dynaved is one of a kind, we use technology to safeguard the quality and safety of herbal supplements. Also, we follow both Canadian and WHO good manufacturing practices. Consequently, this helps create a reliable product that goes above and beyond customer expectations.
Our lab is state-of-the-art with scientists working there around the clock. They are following all of the quality standards and regulations set by W.H.O. We rely on knowledge and strict adherence to company policy to produce premium products. Every part of our team are experts in dealing with key parts of making our lab run effectively.

The final step to be sure everything is done safely involves re-testing though an accredited Canadian Lab. After passing multiple levels of Dynaved quality control, each batch is sent to a well-known Canadian-based lab where, experts test the product. No products are distributed without their approval. This step is key to earning our customers’ trust.

In addition, the FDA regularly inspects and approves our lab. Their experts make sure that we are using industry best practices. The lab also uses a purified airflow system to get rid of contaminants. Doing this ensures the purity of each batch. Together, technology and expert knowledge work to produce great products.

Using Science to Create Premium Products


Dynaved LaboratoryOur passion for health and healing drives us to reach new levels of excellence. We have become a leader in natural health products, using the power of technology. As a result, we work to maintain a cutting-edge lab. We also partner with other respected labs to stay at the forefront of new developments. This is just another way Dynaved goes the extra mile to ensure quality products and customer satisfaction.

We rely on science to make premium products. Loyal customers know that every product they buy has gone through major testing procedures and quality standards. This helps make sure that they continue to enjoy the same health benefits.