Drink more Water - Natural Constipation Cures l DyNaved.Ca - best way to relieve constipation naturally

Natural Constipation Cures

Though constipation is an incredible inconvenience for the majority of individuals, you shouldn’t necessarily head for the laxatives the next time you’re feeling incapable of producing a sufficient bowel movement. Constipation can be accompanied by many other physical ailments, like bloating and fatigue, but it is just a symptom in and of itself. Constipation is the result of certain insufficiencies within your diet and daily life, and it can be a common side effect of certain medications. Regardless, there are many things that you can do to improve your bowel movements without result to toxifying laxatives that strain your intestines and hurt your body. You can relieve constipation before it happens, and you can alleviate current constipation with these simple tips.

Natural Constipation Cure #1: Drink more water!

Water - Natural Constipation Cures l DyNaved.Ca - best way to relieve constipation naturally

There is nothing that drinking water cannot cure, from your acne to your body odor to your inability to poop. When you stay hydrated, the water helps facilitate the movement of waste products throughout the intestinal tract. Your digestive system must process nutrients and remove waste, all of which can be aided with proper hydration.

Natural Constipation Cure #2: Eat more herbs!


There are a few different kinds of herbs that are known to improve digestive health. Flax seed is arguably the easiest to acquire, and you can find it in all sorts of places. Flaxseed chips, smoothies, and the like are all great places to get some more flax seed into your diet. Psyllium and fenugreek are slightly less easy to find, but they are excellent herbs for fighting constipation. They are gentle on the stomach, speeding up the digestive process without inhibiting the intestinal lining. If you are looking for something a bit more immediate for short-term use, you can also try plants like aloe and senna. These plants have intense laxative-like properties, but overusing them can be really bad for your entire digestive tract.

Natural Constipation Cure #3: Exercise more often!

Regular Exercise - Natural Constipation Cures l DyNaved.Ca - best way to relieve constipation naturally

The more you move, the more active your metabolism. The metabolism is what stimulates digestion, and so when you partake in exercise, you increase your body’s natural digestive speed-up process. You can do something simple, like go for a brisk walk after eating or perform daily yoga exercises. Running is a natural stimulant for waste removal from the body. No matter what you do, you’re guaranteed to get your digestive process back on track!