The Major Symptoms and Piles Treatment

The Major Symptoms & Piles Treatment

Piles Treatment That’s Easy and Convenient

Most people will agree that piles is a major pain in the behind. Jokes aside, it doesn’t take time for this relatively small problem to turn into a large, and painful one, with no other alternative but surgery. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Before you can get for yourself the proper piles treatment, the following are some of the symptoms of piles so that you can take care of the at home before matters get worse.

Piles Treatment

One of the most common signs of hemorrhoids is bleeding when the bowels move. You can notice red stains on tissue paper especially after you have been constipated, or have been struggling with intestine movement.

Itchy Bottom Caused by Piles

Another symptom of hemorrhoids which may warrant prompt piles treatment is itching around the anal opening. This also happens to be a very common symptom, especially one of the early stages of infection, before the symptoms get more serious. This symptom usually gets worse as the piles continue to spread around the anal area.

Rectal Discomfort caused by Piles

While cleaning the anal area one may also experience rectal pain as well. Sometimes the pain can get intense even at the slightest touch around the area.

Difficulty in Passing Stool

People who have problems with hemorrhoids usually also have problems passing stool, which leads to more intense pain. That’s because the swollen veins that are bulging actually prevents smooth bowel movement, which leads to the difficulty of passing stool.


Another major and uncomfortable symptom of external piles is a leakage of feces. This usually happens because the muscles around the anal area stops to function normally.

The following are some of the major symptoms of external hemorrhoids that can warrant piles treatment.

Skin Irritation

One of the major symptoms of external hemorrhoids is skin irritation around the anal area.

Clotting Under the Skin

Clotting under the skin can cause a lump of clotted blood, which can be very painful and uncomfortable. This symptom is also referred to as a clotted hemorrhoids as well, and will require a trip to the doctor.

Difficulty Sitting

Hemorrhoids can also cause a painful sensation around the anal area which can make it extremely difficult to sit down.

Behavioral Change

Piles can also cause a person to get easily irritable for no good reason. This also effects their walking style and the way a person socializes. Any one of these symptoms warrants piles treatment and should not be ignored.