Learning to live with chronic constipation

Learning to Live with Chronic Constipation

Chronic Constipation & How You Can Fight Back


Being constipated means that you struggle, quite often with the evacuation of waste. There are millions of people who struggle with this common ailment. It’s a fact, chronic constipation can impact your life. There are a ménage of ways, most very adverse—but there are also methods available to improve upon your quality of life, no matter your age. If you have suffered for a minimum of 3 months with symptoms such as:

  • Straining
  • Abdominal distention and bloating
  • Less than 3 bowel movements a week
  • Nausea
  • Loss of appetite
  • Weight gain

then you’re certainly living with chronic constipation. Often, if you struggle to have normal bowel movements long enough—this can lead to recurrent problems within the bowel itself. While this is reversible, if you choose to not seek a medical solution you could be placing yourself at risk for more medical problems. It’s important to remember, if you go longer than 3 days without a bowel movement you need to seek some form of assistance-be it medical or holistic. Sometimes, all it takes is changing your diet! Let’s look at some other ways an individual can become proactive and create a healthy bowel environment!

Discover How You Can Minimize the Symptoms of Chronic Constipation


Changes in your usual diet can create bowel problems, and often—dietary changes make all the difference. Introducing a variety of vegetables can improve quality of life for some people, as can becoming more active too! You should also continue to introduce more water and fiber in your diet if you’re going to gain control over this common problem! Now, not only is an improper diet a problem for many people, but inactivity is just as bad too. Exercise can really help your body function as it should—especially when it comes down to your digestive system.

So, what does your general practitioner recommend if you are struggling with chronic constipation?

Follow Your General Practitioners Recommended Regimen to Combat Chronic Constipation

Live healthier and happier with the proper lifestyle and diet


No matter what your age might be, or your current lifestyle, there is a regimen that can get your body functioning optimally. You can live healthier and minimize the risks associated with chronic constipation. Now, if you ever find yourself suffering with extreme cramping due to constipation you should definitely seek immediate medical attention. However, if your symptoms are manageable you can try holistic therapies, such as:

  • Eating more green, leafy vegetables
  • Eating more organic foods
  • Avoid processed, high fat foods
  • Eat more nuts and natural proteins
  • Try yoga related exercises
  • Avoid stress and unwarranted agitation

Everyone will find there is a specific medical/holistic regimen that is right for them and will benefit them the most. There is no program for everyone when dealing with chronic constipation. Following a healthier, more wholesome lifestyle is often the key to managing many medical ailments. While you might suffer with chronic constipation, this doesn’t have to limit your life in any way. Most individuals find that with the right program in place they can live ordinary lives free from symptoms, or at the very least, keep them manageable. Don’t let a condition like this control you—when you can control it!