Instant Constipation Relief

Several million people suffer from digestive distress regularly, and this circumstance is more than just uncomfortable. Intestinal problems can be caused by a multitude of issues, from poor dietary decisions to hereditary conditions. Constipation is one such ailment that impacts the lives of several, and it is not a pleasant challenge to overcome. The majority of people who deal with constipation issues are women, but this condition is not exclusive to them. Men are also capable of being constipated. Because of its popularity, constipation has resulted in significant laxative sales, but buying laxatives is not the only way to cure constipation. For effective instant constipation relief, try these methods.

Buck thorn, Senna, and Aloe

For serious constipation that demands an equally serious stimulant, these herbal concoctions are perfect. By causing irritation within the colon, they inspire activity that generates a bowel movement. Because these are the strongest herbal laxatives, it is important to only use them when the situation is dire. They can cause a painful response in some people due to the irritation of the colon wall lining, and this can make them seem not worth the effort. You must be in great need to risk the potential added pain. Thus pain subsides of course when the bowel movement has been completed.

Flax Seeds, Cloves, and Slippery Elm

instant constipation relief

By combining these three items together, one can achieve quite the potent laxative concoction. They all work together to stimulate intestinal activity and generate bowel movements. Taking any of these individually on a regular basis can increase regularity and improve digestive health. Flax seed oil is actually a particularly helpful aspect, because the oil provides lubrication during the process. This added lubricant to the intestines not only smooths the transition but also increase the potency overall, resulting in an effective and beneficial bowel movement.

Thyme, Worm seed, and Peppermint

Herbal tea for constipation

These are the least severe alternative for digestive distress, and they are effective for those who do not suffer regularly from this condition. Peppermint is known for soothing stomach pains, while thyme and worm seed impact the entire digestive system to stimulate bowel movements. This ensures that the process will not only be quick and efficient but also comfortable and easy. These are typically best ingested individually. Thyme oil is the most potent, whereas mint leaves should be chewed on or brewed into tea for their maximum efficiency. Though they each have certain benefits that are specific to themselves, they all seriously aid in the digestive process.