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Hemorrhoid Surgery Cost

The importance of you deciding on which method that you would want to make use of in other to get rid of your hemorrhoids can hardly be overemphasized. This is due to the fact that most times it may be something that may just be beyond your budget. For instance, most people who have awareness about hemorrhoid surgery cost usually prefer making use of other effective and reliable treatment methods due to the fact that they can’t afford it.

Are you struggling to find some reliable facts regarding hemorrhoid surgery cost? Do you know that not getting firsthand information about such treatment method could make you spend more than you must have planned for? What you are about to discover are reliable pieces of information regarding the cost of treating hemorrhoids when you want to take the option of surgical operation.

The Cost of Removing Average Hemorrhoids

It is very important to note that hemorrhoid surgery cost isn’t something that is fixed. Rather, there are always variables that can influence it to a great extent. One of such variables is insurance. If your insurance does cover this form of treatment then you can rest assured that your price will be reduced. There are various methods of surgeries to get rid of hemorrhoids with each having different costs. Some of them are:


This is a procedure which is used on those with internal hemorrhoids. In this case, the piles will be cut off with the aid of a band which is very tight. The average cost for this surgical procedure is $500 minimum and $1500 (maximum).


For those who make use of blood thinners, this will be a much better option. It can be very successful in the treatment of piles. Its cost ranges from $700 to $2500.

Coagulation Therapy

In this case, hemorrhoid will be shrunk with the aid of an infrared light. Anoscopy will be made use of in this procedure. The average cost for this one is about $400 (minimum) and $500 (maximum).

It should be noted that these are treatments that you must undergo which means that the price is likely to rise even more. Also, you need to understand that another factor that will contribute to the overall hemorrhoid surgery cost is consultation fee. Some of these fees go as high as $200 to book a place. It varies since it will be dependent on the treatment center that you must have chosen.