External Hemorrhoids Explained

External Hemorrhoids & A Natural Solution

What are external hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids is a condition of swollen veins in or around the anus. The exact causes of the condition are unknown. However, they are usually attributed to poor diet and lifestyle. There are two forms of hemorrhoids – internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids.

External hemorrhoids are swollen veins on or around the opening of the anus. Symptoms include:

– lumps hanging down around the outside of the anus

– itchiness

– mucus discharge

– bleeding when passing a stool.

Sometimes the bleeding is pronounced and is usually bright red. More often it is visible as spots of blood when wiping after passing a stool.

What causes external hemorrhoids?

The exact cause is still unknown. Most doctors agree that pressure on the blood vessels around the anus is responsible. Due to the pressure, the vessels become inflamed and can swell up.

The pressure usually results from straining on the toilet. This can be from long periods of constipation or chronic diarrhea. Other factors include obesity, pregnancy, old age or sitting for long periods of time. Lifting or carrying objects that weigh a lot can also contribute. There is some evidence that they can be hereditary also.

Lifestyle can have an impact. Poor diet often results in bad digestion. Lack of dietary fibre, from whole-grains, fruit and vegetables and pulses, for instance. This leads to stomach problems and constipation or diarrhea. Both of these can mean long periods of sitting on the toilet. The resulting pressure on the blood vessels in the anus causes swelling and inflammation.

How to prevent external hemorrhoids

The key here is ensuring a holistic, natural approach. Increase the amount of fibre in your diet gradually. Add fruits and vegetables, wholegrain rice and pasta, nuts and pulses. It is always best to slowly increase fibre to prevent constipation and to allow the body to get used to it. Include at least some fibre in every meal to aid digestion.

Drink plenty of fluid, especially water. Drink between 8 and 10 glasses of water every day, and try to cut down on caffeine and alcohol. Increased hydration helps the body to eliminate waste. Alongside more fibre in the diet will result in stools that are easier to pass without strain.

If you are overweight, plan to lose weight, and increase the amount of exercise you do on a regular basis.

What if you already have external hemorrhoids?

Prevention is great. But, what should you do if you already suffer from external hemorrhoids? Treatment from a GP usually involves topical creams or suppositories. While these can be effective, they can also be harsh, come with side effects, and can be unhygienic. There is a better, completely natural alternative.

We have developed a 100% natural remedy for external hemorrhoids. It uses ancient Ayurvedic principles, combined with modern science and technology. Ayurhoids is a completely natural oral treatment in capsule form. It includes 15 tried and tested herbal remedies in one convenient, hygienic formula.

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