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Constipation Relief

Unlike when your sore throat is bothering you or when you overexert your muscles to the point of discomfort, the intestinal distress that you experience is often not so socially acceptable to complain about. That does not make it any less unpleasant, however, and it can feel even worse when you do not have the freedom to complain at will about your abdominal issues.

When it comes to constipation, you sometimes feel like you cannot even ask for advice on remedying the problem without causing others discomfort. Therefore, it is imperative that the information is readily available to you. That is why this list of excellent common constipation relief options is here, to help you overcome this struggle without deviating from the accepted social norm regarding bowel movement rhetoric.

Option 1: Take a Laxative

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If you have recurring bouts of constipation, this is definitively not the right option for you. Taking too many laxatives too often throughout your life can seriously impede your intestinal tract and hurt your organs. However, if this situation is abnormal for you and you would like relatively immediate relief, taking a fast-acting laxative could improve your circumstance abundantly.

Option 2: Consume Some Oil


When constipation is a constant plague upon your body, consuming more olive oil, coconut oil, or the like can seriously improve not only your current issue but also potential future issues. When consumed regularly, oil can provide constipation relief permanently by regulating your bowel movements. The oil stimulates the digestive tract and lubricates the lining to prevent damage.

Option 3: Drink Lemon-Water


The citric acid in lemons has the ability to break up bacteria and other such ailments within the intestines, and it stimulates the movement of the bowel system by detoxifying the undigested materials. The water can lubricate and flush out the system with ease, and it will keep the fecal matter itself from hardening and tearing the walls of your anus.

Option 4: Drink Coffee

coffee - home remedy for constipation

Coffee does more than stimulating the energy levels. Though it is often lauded for its caffeine content, this traditional morning beverage actually can do a lot more for the average individual than anticipated. The caffeine contributes to a variety of functions within the body, from improving mental agility to impeding the absorption of certain chemicals that make us tired, but it also has the ability to speed up the digestive process.