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Causes of Hemorrhoids

Medical experts are still divided regarding what majorly causes hemorrhoids (piles). This is based on the fact that over the years, there have been different factors which have been presented as the causes of this abnormal condition. You are at the right place as this post is going to be informing you on the various causes of hemorrhoids. Discovering them gives you this awareness about how to avoid them in the best possible way.

Chronic Constipation

It is impossible to talk about the causes of hemorrhoids without mentioning this one. This is because it is the primary reason why most people are suffering from it today. It is a situation where bowel movements become too infrequent and abnormal. It is a situation where defecation doesn’t get only difficult but also, it becomes very painful.

Although this is a problem that affects people of different age groups, it is usually known to be caused by aging, the use of some medications and lack of proper and regular exercise. There are two major ways that one can naturally get rid of this problem in other to be free from hemorrhoids. These are: increase a quantity of water intake to ease bowel movements and a change in lifestyle.

Being Overweight

Overweight - Causes of Hemorrhoids | DyNaved.Ca - Best hemorrhoid cure techniques

It has been researched and discovered by experts that obesity can make one be prone to an abnormal condition such as hemorrhoids. This is usually experienced when such weight gain is in the pelvis as well as abdomen. When this happens, the pelvic veins will begin to feel increased pressure.


Pregnancy - Causes of Hemorrhoids | DyNaved.Ca - Best hemorrhoid cure techniques

There is every chance for hemorrhoids to be experienced when you are pushing for your baby to come out. In such a case, the anal area is likely to experience this unusual pressure. This is one of the major causes of hemorrhoids that can hardly be avoided. This is because the mother may want to apply an unusual force which will not only bring the baby out but also lead to piles coming out. If it is not taken care of on time, it could likely lead to some complications.

Poor Toilet Habits

Sitting in toilets have been discovered to cause hemorrhoids through pressure. The ease of bowel movements is hard to achieve when you sit in a toilet as compared to squatting. In a nutshell, if you want bowel movements to be easy and natural then you may need to start squatting rather than sitting in your toilet.

It can be seen that the different causes of hemorrhoids are what we can easily avoid.