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Causes of Constipation

Constipation happens when you have less than three bowel movements every week. Constipation can happen to anyone – it’s not an illness – and it does not happen just in people with a particular illness. The majority of people suffer constipation at one time or another – even babies. Nobody yet has identified the exact cause of constipation. It just appears suddenly when you have some changes in your daily life, stressful work hours, changes in the diet and more.

There are lots of causes of constipation, many having has to do with diet. Some common causes of constipation are the following:

  • Lifestyle

How you live your life will show in your body. The type of lifestyle you have is another cause of having constipation concern. For example, those people who are traveling in and out of different time zones can be a reason why they might experience this ailment.

  • Poor diet

It has known that one of the biggest causes of constipation is the continuous eating of canned, processed and frozen foods. Lack of proper nutrition in your life could be the first cause of constipation. Furthermore, the time you eat is important as well. Unhealthy eating habits and timing could also lead to constipation problems.

  • Medications

Did you know that medications are supposed to help you? However, they also bring side effects. One side effect of medications these days is constipation. Even those over-the-counter medications might cause constipation too. This can include anti-depressants like Tylenol. The perfect way to prevent this is to ensure you don’t take medications if you don’t need them. On top of that, if you discover that one of your medications is giving this side effect, look for an alternative right away.

  • Hormones

Whether you believe it or not, hormones could be one of the causes of constipation. For example, a woman who is going through her period often might have a hard time going to the bathroom. Thus, if you are experiencing from constipation at the same time dealing with hormones, this might be the reason.

  • Illnesses

Even though it’s rare, constipation could also be caused by an illness, which might affect the spinal cord or brain. Even though you should not jump to any conclusions, if you are dealing with long-term constipation, you must always go to your physician just to be safe always.

  • Habit

Are you one of those people who need to go to the bathroom but keeps holding it? This, later on, might lead to concerns with constipation. It is essential to go to the bathroom when you need to. Failure to do so could result in a reduced desire of having to go to the bathroom, and this is a cause of constipation.

Other causes of constipation could include changes in your regular routine, or changes in your life like pregnancy, traveling, natural aging process, periods of high depression or stress. If you are to take whatever from the list, it must be to ensure you have balanced diet. Most constipation issues can be solved by a simple change in diet. So start eating some fruit!