Best Constipation Relief

The digestive system is a hard working part of the body. Here food is digested and finally dispersed through a bowel movement. If you are not having 3 or more bowel movements a week you are constipated. If you have ever experienced constipation, you have probably searched for the best constipation relief. The condition is typically due to lack of water in the digestive track. The colon has a way of removing water from the food and causing the stool to be dry and hard. This makes the waste travel slow and causes difficulty in expelling it during a bowel movement.

When constipation presents itself you will want some relief. The pain and discomfort can be agonizing. This condition can cause hemorrhoids as well. If you are having problems during a bowel movement, what do you do? You strain harder, which can cause other painful problems. So what causes this issue? The lack of water, fiber, and exercise are serious culprits. Some medications can cause an adverse effect as well. The regular aging process can also play a role.

Finding the Best Constipation Relief

Laxatives should not be considered the first option if you want the best constipation relief. You should only pursue this remedy when you have pursued other possibilities. The first thing you should do is starting drinking those 8 glasses of water every day. Water helps clean out your digestive track and keep it lubricated. There are various minerals that assist in this process as well. Ingesting more fiber is a sure-fire way to relieve constipation. The general rule is that you should get about 20-35 grams per week.

So, where do you find fiber? Fiber can be found in many foods. You can get it in your brand cereal or oatmeal. It can also be found in veggies and fruits. Increase your fiber intake and you should see a difference. A regular exercise routine will also help relieve constipation. Keep in mind though that all these suggestions should go hand in hand if you want the best constipation relief.

Other Remedies You Can Pursue

A spoonful of castor oil was once considered the cure for everything. It can definitely help with constipation. Olive oil, almonds, and beans are also remedies you could pursue. In the end, the best constipation relief is what works for you. Avoid fatty foods that clog up the system. Be smart about what you eat. There are many natural herbs and supplements that will help relieve this condition. You need to find out what works for you.