Best Constipation Medicine

There is a wide variety of information currently available in regards to the most efficient method of digestive relief. Constipation is a terrible ailment to suffer from, and many people want to know how to ease their suffering. Constipation can be caused by a vast array of issues, but it can typically be easily resolved. For the best constipation medicine, you do not need to scour the web in search of the ultimate cure. There is only one way to remedy the situation, and that is through the use of a laxative. Which kind of laxative is best for you?

Stool Softening Laxatives

These laxatives typically take one to four days to glean the full effect, and they are the most popular option. Whether or not they are the best constipation medicine is to be seen. They contain emollients that aid with the mixing of water with oil, which is what enables them to create softer stool. Constipation can lead to the stool drying out, which can in turn cause bleeding and pain. That is what makes stool softening laxatives so prevalent.

Bulk Creating Laxatives

This is definitely the safest form of constipation relief, but only you can determine if it is the best constipation medicine. By modeling the pill after high fiber foods, the creators of bulk laxatives sought to eliminate the problem of dry stool that is small and hard to pass. The fibrous quality generates larger bowel movements with the capacity to retain more water. The colon is more adept at inciting a bowel movement when the stool is like this.

Lubricant Laxatives

These laxatives work differently than the others by adding a lubricated layer to the wall of the intestines. This stimulates easy passage through the digestive tract for decomposing waste. They can do this through the use of mineral oil, or through the use of glycerin oil. Both are effective, but the mineral oil is preferable due to it being taken orally. Glycerin oil is typically invested through the rectum.

Stimulant Laxatives

This laxative does not attempt to aid the digestive process through impacting the stool. Instead it stimulates the intestinal muscles to push the matter through the system and into the colon. This forced digestive movement typically results in a successful remedy of the constipation oriented distress you were suffering from. This method is certainly the most peculiar, but it is assuredly effective.