About Us

The Origins and Vision of Dynaved Natural Health Products


Dynaved Office Photo

The company’s name, Dynaved, combines the words dynamic and Ayurveda. This term shows our vow to make ancient and proven health remedies available to the modern consumers.

Dynaved was built out of desire to offer alternative health options. Since our mission is to help people find high quality herbal remedies that provide relief for a variety of symptoms. Our company is committed to serving consumers looking for ancient and holistic healing.

For hundreds of years Ayurveda medicine has perfected herbal remedies. Then, providing patients with healing mixtures that promote balance. As a result, part of Dynaved’s inspiration is the focus on traditional and holistic health products originating in prehistoric India.

At Dynaved, we take an all-natural approach to health and wellness. In addition, we strive to use technology and modern manufacturing practices to make these products more widely available to those who need relief.

Modern Day Ayurveda

At Dynaved we use technology and science to guarantee the purity and safety of our products. While using only natural herbs and ingredients is just the beginning:

  • The purity of our products is scientifically proven.
  • Patient’s responses and benefits from treatment is gathered as hard data.
  • There is a desire to lead the natural health food industry. Furthermore, working to set new standards for quality supplements.

Firstly, when you choose Dynaved, you can trust that the high-quality products have been carefully developed to a standard unmatched in the industry. Most of all, our products have been subjected to numerous clinical trials.

The benefits of using our all-natural products are clearly shown through these test results. In addition, they prove what Ayurveda experts have known for a long time: that natural supplements work well to help heal the body.

Finally, all of our products are Health Canada Approved and manufactured to the World Health Organisation GMP Standards. These organizations ensure a consistent product that meets worldwide standards for quality and consumer safety.

Our Mission

We are guided by a desire to put the consumer first. Doing so requires us to provide the best quality herbal supplements to aid in health and healing. Every decision we make is informed by this guiding principle. It is our commitment to ensure quality shines through in every product we offer, providing satisfaction and relief to our consumers.